ribera del duero

Quinta Tierra is the result of a project carried out by a group of people closely linked to the wine industry in different ways. The origin of this journey dates back to our grandparents, especially our grandfather, Gervasio Granado, who was known by his good work and the quality of his wines in the area around Curiel de Duero-Peñafiel. Our estates known as “Carrabocos”, “La Pasiega, and others in the area around Roa de Duero, back us up in the elaboration of wines produced with the best fruits, out of vines grown in goblet and espalier, planted on clayey and limestone soil, and whose grape variety is Tempranillo (Tinto Fino).

We count on an unrivalled winemaker, Jorge Granado de la Fuente for the production of our wines. His expertise has been proved by the various wine awards granted to some of his wines, which helps us to offer the quality this great expert invariably develops. Likewise, we count on Diego Delgado Sánchez, sommelier, restaurant owner and world-wide wine connoisseur. In view of the above, we can provide quality wines in line with current wine market.

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